Why would the Rome families of Lotito, Sallustio and Occhiodoro want to keep their DNA hidden??? Why did Simona tell me that Ruan was not the biological father of Chiara?

Just who is the biological father of Chiara – another Istrian or Albanian?

What are they afraid of?

What could they be afraid of?

Why is creepy Uncle Franco always so anxious in the house in Pereto and why did “banker moneybags” Grandpa Sandro make such a thing about taking little Chiara to the toilet?

Why has Simona never visited her father’s house in Rome with his second wife “lookalike Lady Rothschild” Giuseppina?

Is Simona still lurking around Piazzas late at night hoping to play the clarinet or oboe like her Woody Allen grandad Eraclio? Does she even have a dog to walk?


Why is Simona so anxious in Pereto when creepy Uncle Franco is around? Does Granny Marcella know? Has Lorenzo worked out Quebec is a part of Canada yet?

Did Granny Marcella really run off a bus and hide during the Ardeatine massacre and feel guilty when she told the Nazi soldiers to take “others” and not her? Does she still collect chainsaws?

Did Granny Marcella really turn up at Sandro’s house with an axe when he left Cecilia for Giuseppina

Will Simona ever return from the toilet after antipasti not smelling of regurgitation and what really did happen to the family dog, Snoopy, that made him so ill and he died? Is Concetta’s cooking really that bad?

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By way of note Italians will have much to think about regarding truth and the world of science with the results of massive DNA testing in Northern Italy.

The case of the tragic death of Yara Gambirasio on 26 November 2010 has once again brought paternity to the forefront of the popular consciousness.

Perhaps my connection to the Sallustio and Lotito families in Rome will prompt them to reveal the DNA of my grand daughter Chiara without national involvement.