How many times are we to open a newspaper and have more information on Cyril Smith and yet nothing is done.

Nothing is done about the banking industry and the avarice of the oil sector.

Where is the mythical Jesus today? Yes, teach the children about eggs and birth and life and rabbits and lambs. It does not last long and even that ‘reality’ is rapidly being eroded. So we know who is being crucified daily; what is being resurrected?

Truly, death and suffering could be our teachers and saviours. As hard as it is to accept, our reality is such that we are born into a hostile environment at all levels.

From the beginning of what we call our life we are systematically deluded by the agendas of cynical and sinister people. I say people because they are. Institutions, forces and entities lets them off lightly. They are people. They conspire to rob us of our legacy. They force us into a puerile existence within an obsequious and servile base as its foundation.

The reality is that when you are born you are held upside down and beaten by a professional with a stethoscope for a Shaman’s rattle who thinks only of his or her BMW catalogue.

You are placed into educational establishments by parents who may or may not abuse you in one way or another to assimilate untruths and lies that mold your ever increasingly perverse perspective.

In between the policy of hidden sarcasm comes your true chance for survival; the ability to schizophrenically run with the herd yet pretend to yourself and a hidden higher authority otherwise.

The myth of religion is a misnomer.

It is neither myth nor religion. It is an invisible framework ingeniously designed to trap you now and forever. What kind of God, real or of man’s making requires a snivelling, grovelling spectacle from its creation?

So yes, teach your children about Easter but tell them the truth.

It might require you to do a little homework yourself. Perhaps together with your child you could explore the myths of King Sargon and Mithras.

There have been a myriad of offerings within popular culture recently seeking to expose the falsehoods of past fictions presented as present relevant fact.

Films such as ZEITGEIST, although useful, can be misleading. Whilst it is true that the young should understand the relevance of primitive cosmologies it is far more important that they develop their own questioning rationale.

In so doing the human race might evolve out of its ludicrous programming with the accents on understanding development and style in place of a ‘race’. If we are to learn by osmosis from our planetary seeders we must truly within all senses Grecian, know ourselves.

Happy learning.