Ubaid sculpture of Anunnaki Virgin mother and child (circa 5,500 B.C.)

I share an apartment with my son in the city of Belfast. A place with a troubled and grief stricken history. After much searching we decided this might be a place to stay after having lived in several countries: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, England and Eire.. We were stalked, harassed and victimized in all those countries largely by the catholic church and its minions.

The police are aware of our problems in at least 4 of them. Their answer is always “lack of forensic evidence” or their “hands are tied”. Indeed they are. The good Christian people have stolen into our very modest flat again and again and most recently removed several of my paint brushes, a candlestick from the mantelpiece and the copy of the book by my first husband  Dr. E.F. Blumberg, ‘Health Through Radium Therapy’. It is the second copy of this book removed from this flat. They are expensive and difficult to obtain.

The book is of particular importance to me as I worked closely with the radium, handling it for 4 years while I was married to Dr. Blumberg. He rarely used it for patients with cancer but as he had done much research and found radium an effective cure he used it to relieve many illnesses with enormous efficacy. It was an extraordinary experience to be a part of this historical research. As his nurse and wife I also met Queen Elizabeth II at a function for the Royal Society of Physicians as he tended to the Royal Household on occasion. In particular, The Queen Mother among others.


What a state to have come to this. Why come into my apartment and steal the book twice? I economize very carefully for extra things. It is not a game or a joke. It is my life.

Only a few weeks ago my son received a shipment of his musical scores and other related paraphernalia which had been in storage for many years. In particular, full orchestral recordings of several of his compositions.

They have been stolen by the appropriators of what little we do have. These are all irreplaceable and worth a substantial amount but more importantly for many years now I have been using them in my own work.

Of even greater significance these represent a large part of my son’s musical output which a group of people wish to deny and ultimately erase. They would rather spread obscene rumors about my son to suit their agenda – conscious projections.

These are the consequences of printing the truth in my previous blog. Perhaps the truth sets you free but it comes at a very high price. Theft of a child/grandchild, house, career (which is not gun running as the appropriators, guilty themselves, would like to have you believe), personal effects and not least, reputation. The truth seems to strike fear into the very core of our appropriators. Especially the Lotito family who seem to ‘take it’ whenever they can.

They are a family of bankers who have been ‘dodgy’ for quite some time and not just appropriating wedding presents, furniture (bespoke), book collections, et al. Ruan’s father in law even offered to help him with an insider trade. The trade would have involved Sandro giving Ruan 10,000 euros which was to double (with paternal gaurantee) over night. They even seem to have swiped the Murano glassware for some reason.

To aid, protect and support these people is known as collaboration.

The Catholic Church as we all know is a modern cover for the ancient Babylonian belief systems and to this day his so-called Holiness wears the Mitre – a fish head crown based upon the apparel of King Nimrod who himself represented Oannes Annedotus.


I wish to go on record that my son and I formally renounce the Catholic Church. We are ex-communicating ourselves from the Catholic Church. They have since confirmed our decision through their continued criminal behavior and our renunciation of their works and ways is testimony to our strength of belief in something that is much more ancient and real being an ultimate truth.

As the Catholic Church founders in its incoherency we celebrate at this time of year as in times of old the rebirth of our sun and a New Year. We have no time for a fake priestly caste that usurps ancient ways and beliefs to dupe its own global and vulnerable congregation and would urge others to follow suit.

Many years ago my son was told, after his baptism and other rites with Pope John Paul II, by Adriana Buitoni who calls herself Princess Gonzaga that he was never to feel beholden to the Catholic church in any way, shape or form.

Ruan has since had misgivings about his previous aristocratic landlord’s nobility and assurances. In point of fact one of her employees, a man called Mauro (ex Italian special forces) passed Ruan in Piazza Navona just prior to his wedding and asked him if things were better now that he had left the Buitoni/Gonzaga residence. Ruan replied yes but was concerned that Mauro himself looked unwell.

When Ruan asked him if he was OK Mauro replied No. When Ruan asked why, Mauro said he too had left the Buitoni residence because she had done something terrible to Ruan behind his back that he didn’t agree with. Mauro concluded by saying he would probably return to Los Angeles and end up sleeping on the beach.

This disconcerted Ruan but he could do nothing about it as Mauro refused to tell him what Adriana had done. Sitting in Piazza Navona, Ruan did remember that when Adriana invited the French artist Davide Pons to stay she showed off some of the Gonzaga relics that she kept with the master copies of Ruan’s opera scores in her wall safe.


Apart from Napoleon‘s sabre and a Gonzaga Cardinal’s hat she set up a little competition to see if David with his artistic expertise or Ruan with his intuition could best ascertain the provenance of a sugar marble classical antiquity in the form of a bust. After deliberation she proceeded to brag that the item belonged in a museum and she could go to gaol in Italy if anyone ever found out about her personal treasure hoards.

The cutesy way she showed off about having illicit national treasures in her private possession together with more sinister undertones of Mauro’s confession seems to lead into some of what we are experiencing today.

Could it be possible that some wealthy people play dark games or as Padre Nino calls them “giochi sporci” that continue from the 1990’s to the present?

Adriana once boasted that she collected people. But what happens if one of her pets leaves The Glass Menagerie – especially one that Mauro told Ruan, Adriana had paid $1,000, 000 to have baptized by a living saint.

Eugen Grosche