Born and raised in Canada with European parents, Marion grew up acutely aware of what it means to have Russian/Irish ancestry and to be an immigrant in a strange new land. Her parents settled in the Prairie heartland, with many others from the ‘old countries’ and she naturally evolved speaking English and Russian. She qualified as a nurse and painted as time permitted prior to relocating to London, England in the 1960’s where she worked for and married noted surgeon and gynaecologist Dr. Ernst Friedrich Blumberg. Ernst was a German descendant of Catherine the Great of Russia and was related to the Perls family, renowned art dealers and patrons.

Through her husband she met Pablo Picasso and spent a summer at Nimes going to bull fights. During this period she continued to paint and became an artists model for painters including H.A. Freeth, R.A. (Prix de Rome) who achieved fame for his portraits of Somerset Maugham and Yeats. This period culminated in her modelling for the Royal portraitist, Hungarian painter Arthur Pan and leaving Ernst to return to North America where she raised a family with her second husband John Harding from Chiswick, London. He had been in RAF radar while at Boscombe Down and then in the Far East. This was the beginning of a life long career in electronic design (and computer programming). He was Britain’s youngest Legal Executive with the intention of emigrating to Hong Kong with Marion but they were side tracked by a car accident in Canada and the birth of their son, Ruan. Unable to practise law in Canada he reverted to electronics, designing the first tracking devices of wild animals in the North for the Canadian Government and de-icing switches for international aircraft.

Marion received a degree in Fine Art from the University of Victoria and followed up with ten years curatorial work in private galleries before finally being able to devote herself to full time painting as a professional artist. Her works are in collections around the world, sell privately through galleries and at auction.

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